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*Scanner Buying Guide* : Fujitsu fi-4750C Color Scanner : Accessories

Fujitsu fi-4750C Color Scanner Accessories
Note: Some accessories may not be listed.
Belt/Pads/Pick Roller Kits
1. Fujitsu Scanner Pad Assembly for M4097D
SKU: PA03951-0151
2. Fujitsu Scanner Pick Roller Unit for M4097D
SKU: PA03951-0153
Cleaning Kits
3. Fujitsu Mid Range Cleaning Kit for M3093 M3096 M3097 M4097
SKU: CG01000-373001
4. Fujitsu Imprinter Black Ink Cartridge
SKU: CA00050-0262
5. Fujitsu Scanner Imprinter for FI-4860C
SKU: CA00050-0262
6. Fujitsu Scanner Endorser for M4097D fi-4750C fi-4750L
SKU: CG01000-491201
7. Fujitsu Video Interface Board for M4097D fi-4340C
SKU: CA02956-2391
8. Fujitsu VID I/F PCA USER INST FI-4340C
SKU: CA02956-2391
9. Fujitsu ScanAid M4097 FI-4750C FI-46040S CONSUMABLES
SKU: CG01000-476701
10. Fujitsu IPC-4D Card Upgrade Kit for M4097 fi-4640S fi-4340
SKU: CG01000-480901
11. Fujitsu Data Compression Unit for fi-4750C fi-4340C
SKU: CG01000-491301
12. Fujitsu IPC-4D Upgrade Kit M4097D fi-4340C Onsite Install
SKU: CG01000-478601

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