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Flatbed/ADF Scanners

Need a flatbed scanner with an ADF?

In this day and age, more and more businesses are going paperless. High-speed document scanners are rising quickly in popularity. The old days of klunky, slow and limited flatbed scanners are gone. However, what happens if you're in an environment where you need fast reliable scans, yet a flatbed for those irregular documents that simply won't fit in a feeder? Sure you can purchase a high-speed scanner and a cheaper flatbed on the side. But why not save space and go with a high-speed scanner that is also capable of scanning irregulars via a flatbed? For this, Fujitsu has made available, several options, depending on your specific scanning needs. Here are some great choices!

Fujitsu fi-4010cu: Great entry-level, simplex scanner. With a built-in 25 page ADF and flatbed at an affordable price, this scanner is a great value.

Fujitsu fi-4220 C2: Speed and versatility is what this scanner brings. A great mid-range, duplex capable scanner. Take advantage of USB 2.0 and scan up to 25 pages per minute. Additionally, fit up to 50-sheets at any time in the built-in ADF.

Fujitsu fi-4340c: At a a respectable 40 pages per minute, this scanner is no slouch. With duplex scanning capability, this scanner is great for those that need speed and dependability, along with a flatbed solution. Featuring a 100-page ADF, this scanner even boasts color capability!

Fujitsu fi-5750c: Need some serious speed to go along with a flatbed solution? Consider the Fujitsu fi-5750c scanner. Able to scan a whopping 57 pages per minute in black and white or color, this scanner gets the job done. Fit up to 200-pages at any given time in the built-in ADF. In fact, this scanner can handle up to 8,000 scans per day! As if that weren't enough, the ADF can slide and rotate to accomodate left and right handed users. Need a serious scanning solution? Well, look no further.

In addition to high-quality scanners, Fujitsu offers great warranties. Many of Fujitsu's scanners are backed by a 1 year advanced exchange warranty (call for details on any specific scanner). Have questions or need assistance in choosing the right solution for your needs? Contact us at 702-642-4123 or

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